Beginner Growers are usually unsure what to feed their cannabis plants. Hydroponics growers have much faster control over their plants nutrients, but a well prepared soil mixture will be more forgiving for beginner growers. The main reason many growers prefer to make their soil is that they know the ingredients that are in it. Organic buds are some of the best out there, and these are grown by using all organic and natural ingredients. In this article I will discuss the best way to make soil for cannabis plants.

First I like to start with a base mixture. Many cannabis growers will usually choose coco coir or peat moss as a base. Some growers will start their bases with a mixture of both. It all just depends on the preferences of the grower, and the conditions that best suit their needs.

It is important to remember that these growing mediums retain moisture. So many growers will add perlite, vermiculite, or rice hulls to space out their mixture and help drain their growing mediums. Too much moisture will promote root rot. It is important to find a good mixture that works for you and your watering practices. I usually choose around 1/3 of my total mixture as perlite to promote drainage. Sourcing good ingredients is important for mixing a good soil.

Below I included some of the best ingredients to add to your mixture. There are many ways to make good soil and grow good cannabis, but these are some of my favorite ingredients to use. I recommend amending your soil to your strain and growing needs.


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