Smoke Weed Snowboarding – How to Smoke on the Slopes

Smoking weed snowboarding is one of my most favorite things to do. There isn’t a whole lot of things better than sparking up a bowl on the side of a snow covered mountain. Some people look forward to their pumpkin spice assortment of goodies during the fall. I look forward to shredding some powder while puffing clouds, and not knowing if it’s vapor or smoke.

First things is first. I don’t want you to get caught by the haters that don’t want you to be blazing it up. So be discreet while partaking. Depending on how long the ski lift is. I find going on the ski lift by yourself or with a friend is a great time to quickly spark it up. Just be sure to not do it too close to the beginning or end of the lift ride. I will usually bring a little pipe and a wind proof torch. Everyone has their prefered method. I found that a wind proof torch is a must while on the mountain. It’s a big bummer when you are not able to spark up with a regular lighter.

Another great place to stop to smoke is off to the side of a trail that’s not too popular. I have found that these stops are some of my most favorite memories while snowboarding with friends. It’s a perfect time to take a group photo with an awesome background.

I recommend bringing a bag of some sort to bring everything in. I like to carry a backpack with some drinks and snacks. Edibles are nice on the mountain too. I recommend doing lesser dose than you are used to. High altitude can cause your body to respond differently. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day! Stay responsible with your medication, and I can’t wait to smoke with you on the mountain!

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