Talking to Kids about Marijuana

Talking to kids about Marijuana is easier said than done in a culture where people have such varying perspectives.   Especially so when it comes to parenting and cannabis as this is a topic full of passion and controversy.

Chances are if you are reading this then you are grappling with the decision on talking to your kids about medical marijuana.  Understandably so,  as there is still a social and even legal divide on this highly debated topic.   Furthermore negative stigma aside, parents struggle with sharing their cannabis use as most smoked in a time where the norm was to hide cannabis use for both legal and social reasons.   All of this combined makes talking about cannabis with kids difficult, confusing and stressful enough to make anyone want a toke.

Why Talk to your Kids about Cannabis

Being a parent is all about loving, protecting and guiding your kids safely into adulthood.  One of the ways as parents we do this is by setting a good example.   As parents we set a good example by being honest and transparent regarding responsible cannabis use.  Similarly to how we currently talk to our youth about alcohol.

With that being said talk to kids openly and honestly about medical marijuana and share how it has helped.   Be sure to ask them what their thoughts on marijuana use as only healthy dialogue and education can come of a conversation like this.  If you have teenagers ask them if they have used marijuana and if so ask them about how it made them feel.  Also explain to them why waiting to use cannabis will only benefit them in terms of brain development and legal issues.

Additional Questions – Talking to Kids about Marijuana

Use these questions as a means to start an open and honest conversation about cannabis.

  • What is Marijuana?
  • What do you think about marijuana?
  • What do your friends think about cannabis?
  • Have you tried marijuana?
  • Is marijuana a drug?
  • What do you know about marijuana?
  • What do you think of people who smoke marijuana?
  • Do you know anyone that smokes weed?

Attitude is Everything – Talking to Kids about Marijuana

This is a great conversation to have when there is plenty of time.  Meaning this is not the conversation to have during morning routine, or in the car on the way to school.  Save this for a time when you can be relaxed and fully present.

Allow your kids to do most of the talking by asking open ended questions first.  For example a great question to start with is, What do you think about marijuana?   Allow them to answer the question and resist the temptation to interrupt.  In fact fully listen to their answers and engage them with more open ended questions

Coming Out of the Closet – The Big Reveal

After establishing some rapport and basic conversation about marijuana honestly share with them your experiences.  Relate to them using examples they can resonate with.  Allow them their own feelings and opinions even if they disagree with you.  Explain to them openly and honestly in the same manner you would want from them regarding your use of marijuana.  By doing this you are showing your kids mutual respect, trust and openness.  Regardless of how your kids feel, they will at least respect your honesty and appreciate that their opinion matters.

Ultimately kids will learn about marijuana one way or another, so why not be the example of what healthy cannabis use looks like?   After all we do this almost instinctively with alcohol and everyone knows cannabis is far more medically beneficial.   So why remain in the closet about using one of the most healing plants in existence.

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